Put down the scissors. Now, go learn something new.


What’s the most important tool of styling hair? Education.

Honing new techniques. Reaching. Being inspired. Banishing boredom. That’s what separates a good hair stylist from a great one.

Education may begin in beauty school, but for Hairpeace, that’s just the tip of the hair follicle.

Formal. Informal. No matter how we learn, information is the key to exquisite.

Style. Up-styles. Cutting. Color technique. There’s always something new to absorb and there are no old dogs in this shop.

Hairpeace stylists stay fresh through classes, inspiration and the latest in hair technology. In 2012, we hosted nine on-site master salon classes by Goldwell, Moroccan Oil and KMS California, as well as traveled to Miami, NYC, Baltimore and Santa Monica for days of advanced training.

For 2013, our education focus is haircutting. Deconstructing and refining the process. Our scissors are sharpened and our bags are packed.

Teamwork Makes a Dream Work

Sharing with one another is part of our culture. We learn, we teach. We teach. We learn. There’s always something fresh to pass on.

We love to take the expected, tousle it up with new, tweak, fine-tune and look in the mirror to see you in the chair sporting a grin that could only come from feeling and looking fabulous.

Some of the best sources for unexpected transformations are clients, always challenging us to think outside the box. You are our partner in creating solutions that will allow you to live your life love your hair.

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