There’s a reason your hair seems so important. It is.

You wear your hair all days, each hour, every second of your life.
Good hair can be – dare we say it? – life changing.

Know how your mother always said, you are what you eat?  Your hair is no different, only you feed it through what you put on it.

Excellent hair products prolong and make the most of your investment in your most versatile asset. That’s why we use them when you are with us and why we have them on hand for you to take home.

The right stuff

KMS California

You know the name. The long-standing formula philosophy of KMS’s highly regarded line of nine unique lines takes hair from start to finish, fusing the best of both worlds – technology and nature. The result? Unparalleled product performance in every style.


Sound exotic? It is. Moroccanoil® built its now remarkable reputation on positive word of mouth – from runways to salons to editorial spreads. Blending antioxidants and nutrients into innovative formulas that provide dramatic results head to toe, make the brand a preference of professionals and consumers alike. Salon-exclusive Moroccanoil® empowers beautiful transformations.

Body Soufflé

Yum! The rich formula transforms skin the minute it touches it, leaving it smooth, resilient, and moisture-drenched, with just a whiff of Moroccanoil® signature scent.

Body Buff

This natural orange peel exfoliator is gentle enough for daily use. Polish away dead skin cells with the combination of argan oil, Vitamin E and nourishing avocado, grape seed, safflower, sesame and sweet almond oils. Your skin will glow with this intense moisture treatment.

Hand Cream

Highly concentrated. Weightless. Absorbs instantly to repair and protect. Prepare to have your hands kissed by strangers.

Intense Hydrating Treatment

Melts into soothing oil as you massage it in, transforming even the driest skin. Nourishes. Restores elasticity. Skin softer than a baby’s behind.

Cleansing Bar

Argan oil and shea butter give skin a double dose of moisture and antioxidants. Add the signature scent of Moroccanoil® and you’ve got daily shower aromatherapy.


Goldwell is our exclusive choice for coloring your hair. When you leave the salon, their line of shampoo and conditioners, amazing texture products, mousse, straightening balm and hairsprays are available for you to take home to maintain your fabulous new hue.


Curly heads, rejoice! The Deva 3-Step  – cleanse, hydrate, define – will change the way you see your marvelous curly-headed self.

S’wavy. Wavy. Botticelli. Corkscrew. Matters not. DevaCurl gives you naturally gorgeous, frizz free, manageable (yes, you are the boss!) curls.

A perfect balance of conditioning, moisture and definition. When your hair dances the Deva 3-Step, the world will follow behind you in a swirling conga line of envy, singing out, “We all want curly!”

American Hair Culture’s Simply Smooth

Whether curly, wavy or straight, frizzed hair is not welcome. Simply Smooth is the all weather frizz fighter for any texture.

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