Bruce Musser

Owner and Lead Stylist


Behind every really great head of hair, there’s a person whose life is as noteworthy as their tress-talent.

Enter Bruce Musser, hair designer owner, founder and heart and soul of Hairpeace.

A Florida native, he graduated from Jacksonville’s Roffler Institute of Hair Design in 1989 and never stopped learning, training numerous times in various locations with top industry leaders from Paul Mitchell, Goldwell, KMS California and DevaCurl.

On September 18, 1996, he opened the doors to Hairpeace, a salon where challenges and inspiration fly as does the smart and sleek crow, straight from clients’ dreams to the look they crave.

Painter. Designer. Fashion maven. Art lover. Foodie. Music aficionado. Seasoned traveler. Nature enthusiast.

Bruce’s inspiration is nurtured from unlikely and varied sources. Technology. Fabric. Zippers. Hardware. Thrift stores. Art. Shoes.

Punk stars and 70’s rock, Studio 54 glamor, Dolly Parton, Drew Barrymore and James Dean contribute to the making of his personal “stimulus package.” Monet to Mannet. Pre-Raphael to photos by Georgia O’Keefe and Robert Mapplethorpe. Prada and Tom Ford design. This mixed cultural palate is key to his work.

Education combined awareness and action. He says, “I gather inspiration in bits and pieces. I think and speak in visual terms. A mood or narrative captured in a gesture or the cut of a dress can inspire an entire haircut. The shine of a patent leather handbag can spark a color formulation. Rope reminds me to braid. A sweetheart neckline says upswept hair. Nails say hard texture.

“I love the human body.”

“I notice form and try to fit the hair design to the shape of shoulders and hips. Considering facial shapes and more helps create a beautiful look. Taking chances leads to new visual realms.”

For Bruce, even travel is purposeful. He says, “I appreciate street corners and paper stands in the same way I love museums and paintings. I travel often for the purpose of gathering new visual information. Paris. NYC. LA. South Beach. Italy. Toronto. Baltimore. Love John Waters!”

He says, “Fortunately, we live in a time that grants us permission to explore our image. ‘Love your hair!’ can turn a bad day good. It’s magic. Choosing a hair design is often a mix of what can be achieved on a daily basis and a dream of what one’s hair can be. If a client leaves the shop with a great style but can’t create it at home, it’s not the right cut. It has to work all the time.”

Bruce knows that a change in hair color/cut can be transformative therapy. He says, “New hair always signifies something, whether a newfound independence or a freshly-discovered sense of courage. It’s a daily physical reminder that you’ve changed and those outer changes seep into the subconscious and out into the world.”

Featured in American Salon.
Profiled in Arbus and Jacksonville Magazine numerous times.
Work published in Inspire America, Inspire Asia and Hair Passion.
Selected for Goldwell’s Project Glossy, a coffee table book of winning photo entries, with two winning shots in one edition.
Hair design for television, Theatre Jacksonville and music videos.
JASMYN winner of Emerald Award for outstanding contribution to the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgendered (LBGT) community).  Currently vice chair.

Fun Fact:

Question: What do Joan Rivers and The B-52s have in common?

Answer: Hair by Bruce!

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