Scott Tatum


Being at Hairpeace is my dream career, and I’m living it.

Scott Tatum began his career in corporate business; at age 34 he looked around his life and said, “Enough. There’s got to be more than this.”

Encouraged by his hair-stylist sister, he moved professionally from behind the desk to behind the chair. He began managing her salon in Atlanta, and was soon apprenticing as a stylist.

Serendipity stepped in when his partner was offered a job in Jacksonville, where Scott was born. Bags were packed, goodbyes said, Florida license acquired and the rest is happy hair-history.

Education for him is ongoing. He is certified in Curly Hair cutting techniques, studied with the top stylist in Baltimore in advanced color placement and attends classes for color and advanced cutting for men and women at least four times a year. In 2011, he participated in the World Wide Goldwell color competition.

I enjoy everything about what I do every day.

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